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PowerPack 10.000 with Wireless Charging


Product Features

The SUNNYBAG PowerPack is the perfect accessory for all SUNNYBAGs with Direct Solar Charger function. The high-quality additional battery with a capacity of 10,000 mAh and wireless charging is suitable for all devices that can be charged via USB-port. It has 2 USB-ports, a Type-C input, and a power output of once 2.1 amps and once 1 amp (at 5V), the PowerPack quickly recharges larger mobile devices, such as a tablet, and can recharge a smartphone battery 5x times with one full PowerPack charge. Thanks to the built-in overcharge protection, the PowerPack switches off automatically as soon as the connected device is fully charged.

Universal charger High-efficiency conversion Wireless Charging Longer battery life Safe charging Intelligent power supply
Overload and discharge protection


The PowerBank can be recharged either via your SUNNYBAG solar panel, via the wall socket or on the PC. The green LEDlight informs you that the battery is being charged via the solar panel. A blue LED indicates that the battery is charging a USB or wireless device. When the side button is pressed, several blue LED lights indicate a  charging status. For example, if three out of four blue LEDs light, it means the battery is 75% charged.

the side pocket of the ICONIC backpack allows for the protected carrying of the smartphone and at the same time charging it wirelessly - without pressing any buttons.

allows effective and simultaneous charging and discharging of the PowerPack. The power flows from the solar panel to the device through the Power Pack.

Compatible devices

The SUNNYBAG PowerPack 10,000 with wireless charging is suitable for charging all mobile devices that can be charged via the USB port or wirelessly.

Therefore, smartphones (such as Samsung S6, S7 and S8 / iPhone 8, X and XR etc.)  tablets, action cams, smartwatch, smaller video cameras, music players, satellite and GPS devices, headlamps, portable game consoles, and much more environmentally friendly with solar energy Loading.

kompatible Geräte

Charging process






Size (L*B*H)

156*79*15 mm

Battery capacity

10.000 mAh (Li-Ion)


Kompatibel mit Smartphones sowie mit allen USB-ladefähigen Geräten.


280 g

Extras incl. USB-C-Cabel