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SunnyBAG PowerStick 6,000


Product features

The SunnyBAG PowerStick is the perfect upgrade for all SunnyBAGs with a direct-charging function. The high-quality battery pack has a charging capacity of 6,000 mAh and charges all common devices with a USB or Lightning port. This small power package recharges any mobile device at an output power of 2.1 Ampere and 1 Ampere (at 5 Volt). So your mobile device can be supplied it with up to 3x more energy. The integrated overcharge protection makes sure that the PowerStick is automatically switched off as soon as the connected device is fully charged.

6.000 mAh Leistung
6,000 mAh power
dual LED torch
2 USB-Ausgänge
dual USB output (2.1 & 1 A)
Micro-USB-Kabel mit Lightning Adapter
incl. micro-USB cable + Lightning adapter
A+ Batterie mit Überladeschutz
A+ battery with overcharge protection
LED Ladestandsanzeige
LED display


The backup battery pack has a two standard USB- and one micro-USB-port. Energy is released via the standard USB ports (2.1 & 1 Ampere), where you can charge two devices at the same time. The battery pack can be recharged comfortably via the micro-USB-port when connected to your SunnyBAG, the PC oder the socket. A 4-stage LED-control button provides reliable information about the current charging status of the battery pack. Just push the power/function button once und get the current charging status. A blue flashing display means that your battery pack is currently charging (e.g. via your SunnyBAG), a steady blue light indicates that your battery pack is fully charged.

As additional goody the SunnyBAG PowerStick has a LED torch, which can be switched on by pressing two times on the power/function button. Moreover a micro USB cable and an iPhone Lightning adapter is included at scope of delivery.

Compatible devices

Der SunnyBAG PowerStick 6,000 is designed to charge any mobile device that can be charged via USB port. Electronic mobile devices such as s martphones, phablets, tablets (e.g. iPad), digital cameras, smaller video cameras, mobile gaming consoles, GPS- und satellite devices, portable music players (mp3. und mp4. Player) and many more additional devices can be operated via the ecologically friendly solar energy.

compatible devices

Charging times

charging times


Dimensions in mm (W*B*D)

96*25*46 mm
Battery capacity 6,000 mAh (Li-Ion)
Compatibility Compatible with all smartphones and with all devices using USB charging.
Weight 157 g
Extras Dual LED torch, micro USB cable and iPhone Lightning adapter
Instructions for use Download usermanual for PowerStick