Sunnybag LEAF PRO erhält den ISPO Award 2022

Sunnybag LEAF PRO receives the ISPO Award 2022

SUNNYBAG, a scale-up company from Styria, was awarded the coveted ISPO Award 2022 for its innovative product, the LEAF PRO. This prestigious award is considered one of the most important awards for outdoor products. The LEAF PRO is a solar module that stands out for its robustness, flexibility and compactness and is ideal for people who do not want to do without a reliable power source during their outdoor activities.

Thanks to its 80 micro-solar cells, which are 100% certified, the LEAF PRO can charge smartphones in just 2-3 hours in direct sunlight. Receiving the ISPO Award is a great honor for SUNNYBAG and recognition of their daily work. Stefan Ponsold, CEO of SUNNYBAG, is pleased about the appreciation and emphasizes the inspiring effect the ISPO Award has on both the company and its customers when it comes to the responsible use of renewable energy.

The ISPO Award jury recognized the LEAF PRO as a compelling minimal solution for outdoor adventurers who want to get their energy from renewable sources. The jury was particularly impressed by the LEAF PRO's performance with low weight, environmentally friendly processing and excellent price-performance ratio. Receiving the ISPO Award 2022 confirms SUNNYBAG's innovative strength and its ability to offer high-quality and sustainable solar technology for the outdoor sector.