Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh
Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh
Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh
Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh
Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh
Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh
Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh

Sunnybag POWERBANK 10.000mAh

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With this powerful extra battery you can conveniently charge your mobile devices while you are out and about. Charging your Sunnybag POWERBANK 10,000 through a SUNNYBAG solar charging system with clean sun power is the best option. If the sun does not shine at the moment, it can also be charged by a regular power outlet or through your computer.

The LED display shows you the current charging status of the battery pack. Simply press the power/function button on the side and the four LED lights will signal the charging status. Blue flashing lights indicate that the battery is charging. A steady glow means that the battery is fully charged.

  • 10,000mAh capacity (Li-ion battery)
  • Product dimensions: 90x60x22 mm (3.5x2.5x0.9 inch)
  • Weight: 190 g (0.4 lb)
  • Comes with USB C cable
  • 1 USB C input
  • 1 USB output (2 Ampere at 5 Volts)
  • High-quality TPE surface
  • LED charging status display
  • Overcharge protection - switches off automatically when the connected device is fully charged
  • Omnidirectional Powerflow - The OPF technology enables efficient and simultaneous charging and discharging of the POWERBANK. That is particularly convenient if you want to collect sun power with a solar panel and use it at the same time. Depending on cloudiness, angle of incidence and intensity of the sunlight, the current flow from the solar panel to the connected device will vary. Some mobile devices can not optimally utilize this directly fed solar energy. Our power bank, however, collects the fluctuating solar power efficiently and continuously and stores it. At the same time, a second charging coil feeds the stored power to the connected devices. That way, your devices can be supplied with solar energy securely and continuously.


We are a young and dynamic company from Austria that develops and distributes portable solar chargers. These charge your electronic devices on the go environmentally friendly with solar energy. Thus, each SUNNYBAG inspires to use renewable energy in everyday life.

Sustainably packed and delivered

We pack our solar panels and powerbanks plastic-free in recyclable boxes. We ship your packages Co2-neutral with the Austrian Post.

Extended warranty

The longer a solar panel is used, the more renewable energy it generates. Therefore, we offer 5 years full warranty if you register your SUNNYBAG.