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Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy. Due to the high effectiveness of SUNNYBAG panels this process is particularly efficient. As long as the solar panels are exposed to the sun, electronic devices can simply be connected to the panels and will be charged directly. As soon as the sun disappears or the panel is not facing the sun anymore, no energy is generated.  

Orientation of the solar panel

Sunnybag Paneel Ausrichtung

To ensure the perfect outcome when charging, the SUNNYBAG panel should be inclined at a 90° angle to the sun. Charging efficiency drops if the SUNNYBAG panel lies flat because less sunlight can reach the panel. The least amount of energy is produced when the panel surface is turned away from the sun.


Direct and indirect charging

If you do not want to use the solar energy directly but to store it temporarily, you need a battery. This battery can be plugged directly into the panel and stores the solar energy for later use.

Sunnybag indirektes und direktes Laden

Charging times

If the solar panel is positioned in full sunlight and optimally oriented towards the sun, it will charge a smartphone within 2 to 3.5 hours depending on the model. Our 10,000mAh power banks take around 7 to 8 hours to be fully charged. This corresponds to approximately 3 to 4 full smartphone charges.

In cloudy weather or bad light conditions, the charging times increase accordingly. Nevertheless, e.g. power banks will still be charged even on days with an overcast sky, although with less energy and therefore longer charging times.

Sunnybag Ladezeiten

Compatible devices

SUNNYBAG solar systems are designed to charge mobile devices equipped with a USB port. Using this technology, mobile phones, smartphones, phablets, tablets, iPads, digital cameras, smaller video cameras, GPS and satellite devices, mobile gaming consoles, music players and many more devices can be operated environmentally friendly with solar energy.

Sunnybag Kompatible Geräte

Power indication color (PIC)

The different colors of the LED display at the USB output show how much power is currently being generated and  how long it takes approximately to fully charge a smartphone under these conditions. Due to cloudy weather and different orientation to the sun, the current yield can vary greatly. The output power can only be measured when a consumer (e.g. smartphone or powerbank) is plugged into the solar panel.

Video tutorials

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SUNNYBAG products in comparison

Our solar backpacks:

Our solar chargers:

Our solar panels are equipped with a direct charging function to recharge mobile devices directly when the sun is out. Alternatively, the panels can also charge a battery to store the energy for later. In that case, we recommend our SUNNYBAG power banks. These powerful spare batteries are a handy upgrade for every solar charging system.


If the power banks can not be charged with solar power for a longer period of time because of insufficient daylight, they can be easily charged using the regular power grid (plug with USB connection) or through a laptop.

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