Welche Vision verfolgt SUNNYBAG?

What is SUNNYBAG's vision?

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SUNNYBAG pursues the vision of a sustainable and renewable energy future. The goal is to provide people around the world, whether in the U.S., Europe or Japan, with access to clean energy in their everyday lives so they can charge their electronic devices anywhere, anytime in an environmentally friendly manner.

The company strives to be a leader in solar technology and to develop innovative products that are efficient, reliable and durable. SUNNYBAG's vision is to create a world where clean energy is accessible to all and where technological advancement goes hand in hand with environmental protection.

SUNNYBAG inspires its customers and encourages them to do their part to reduce CO2 emissions and protect our environment. Thanks to SUNNYBAG's solar products, solar energy can be generated and stored in everyday life. Through its innovative products and its vision of a sustainable energy supply, SUNNYBAG wants to make a positive contribution to a more livable and environmentally friendly world.