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Solar charger PowerTAB


Product features 

The SunnyBAG PowerTAB is a highly efficient portable solar system with a 6,000 mAh strong battery pack that is directly built into the panel. Perfect for independence lovers and everybody who always wants to be supplied with electricity all around the world.

function battery charging with SunnyBAG PowerTAB

A wolf in sheep’s clothing: The SunnyBAG PowerTAB turns out to be a hero in its field. The 5 watt SUNPOWER© solar panel charges through a highly efficient power management consisting of two cells that together provide 6,000 mAh storage volume. It’s interesting to know that the same cell called 18650 is used in the Californian Tesla Model S.

The SunnyBAG PowerTAB weighs 340g and contains a high quality converter that uses the technology to provide 1,5 Ampere output current on the USB. This is enough to recharge big-size tablets quickly. A 3-stage LED status display located on the front shows when to recharge the batteries.

As a bonus there are two 1 watt lights at the back of the PowerTAB that can be used for reading at night and a protection frame. With the strong 5 watt panel it takes less than 100 minutes in direct sunlight to charge your smartphone on the go. Furthermore you can charge smart-watches and other wearables in even less than 30 minutes as well as thousands of USB-compatible devices.

integrated power bank
integrated power bank
high-efficient 5 watts power
high-efficient 5 W power
splash proof
splash proof
integrated reading lamp
1 W LED light
USB compatible
USB compatible
3-stage LED display
3-stage LED display

Compatible devices

Das SunnyBAG PowerTAB is designed to charge any mobile device that can be charged via USB port. Electronic mobile devices such as s martphones, phablets, tablets (e.g. iPad), digital cameras, smaller video cameras, mobile gaming consoles, GPS- und satellite devices, portable music players (mp3. und mp4. Player) and many, many more additional devices can be operated via the ecologically friendly solar energy.

compatible devices

Charging times

charging times


Known for the successful Kickstarter campaign - Funding more than €80.000



21,7 x 16,4 x 2 cm/ 340 gram

Solar panel technology   

highly efficient monocrystalline cells 

Solar panel power

6000 mWp

Battery technology

SunnyBAG USB-converter and integrated 6,000 mAh - battery pack

Output voltage  

5 volt

Output Direct Charger / Power Stick

Standard USB output

Integrated battery pack

6,000 mAh, 1 A charging current, LED control button


Smartphones, digital cameras, tablets, gamings, GPS-devices, MP3 players, headlights and lots more

Extra Protection frame